Why You Should Donate to NHC

New Hope Clinic fills the gap where our current healthcare system fails our less-fortunate community members. With our small staff and over 150 volunteers, over 11,000 volunteer hours are given to provide over 6,000 patient encounters annually at no cost to the patient. We use the money you donate like we should. 93¢ of every $1 given goes directly toward patient services. To learn more about different ways to donate.

Why You Should Volunteer at NHC

Volunteering at New Hope Clinic offers you the opportunity to meet new people, an impactful way to sharpen your skills, and flexible scheduling to suit your individual needs. We strive to provide a safe, friendly, and comfortable working environment for all our volunteers so you can help us help our patients. To learn more about how you can get involved at NHC, click here.

Why You Should Work at NHC

New Hope Clinic fosters a friendly and welcoming work environment with management that strives to create the best possible working conditions. Here at New Hope Clinic, you know that the work you are doing is directly benefiting our community members who fall through the cracks of our country’s healthcare system. You could be the life-saving caregiver they need. To see what positions we currently have open, click here.